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Josef Teller OHG, Catalogs: Bridges for Violin, Cello, Bass

Catalog of Bridges

  • Description and images of all available bridges for violin, viola and gamba
  • Sizes of bridges
  • Information about selection of raw material and its treatment

We can, of course, send you this catalog in printed form via mail free of charge.

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Josef Teller OHG, Catalog: Accessories for stringed and plucked instruments

Complete Catalog (old)

  • Bridges (partially old)
  • Tailpieces
  • Pegs
  • Chin rests
  • Endpins
  • Soundposts and Bassbars
  • Guitar and Gamba pegs
  • Guitar bridges, Stöckerl bridge pins
  • Mandolin bridges
  • Guitar nuts

We will be happy to send this catalog to you via mail – free of charge, of course.
For bridges only, please choose the more recent catalog of bridges.

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Josef Teller OHG - Datasheets of Products

Steg-Grafik Datasheets

Josef Teller OHG, P.O.Box 27, Frankenstr. 43, D-91088 Bubenreuth
, Phone +49/9131/89560,, Copyright Neman Grafik 2013
Josef Teller OHG, Icon for Datasheet Bridges for stringed instruments

Bridges for bowed instruments

We consider us real experts especially for bridges for more than five generations of Tellers. So every detail of the Josef Teller bridges is manufactured in Bubenreuth, Germany.

  • a bridge model overview
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Josef Teller OHG, Icon


All of our Josef Teller Pegs are completely manufactured in Bubenreuth, Germany.

  • all models for Violin, Viola and Cello
  • thickness of the shafts
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Josef Teller OHG, Icon for the Datasheet Chinrests

Chinrests for Violin and Viola

Our Chinrests are manufactured in Bubenreuth as well.
The metal adjustment screws are made by one of our German partners.

  • model overview
  • graphic of the construction
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Josef Teller OHG, Icon Datasheet Guitar Bridges

Bridges for Guitars

Our Josef Teller Guitar Bridges as well are completely manufactured in Bubenreuth. The Datasheet contains graphic models of our Bridges.

  • Classical Guitar / Flat Top Guitar
  • Steel String Guitar
  • Arched Top Guitar
  • Bridges for Bridge Pins
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Josef Teller OHG, Icon Datasheet Bridges

Bridges for Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele

We manufacture our Josef Teller Bridges for plucked instruments completely in Bubenreuth. The datasheet contains graphic models of the bridges.

  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Mandolinbanjo
  • Ukulele
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Josef Teller OHG, Datasheet Wood

About our wood

We highly value our material.
Our valuable lumberyard reflects well the unique tradition of our family, which is why we cannot stop emphasizing the following:

We guarantee
  • Bosnian maple of best possible quality for our bridges
  • no artificial techniques
  • i.e., no kiln drying, no lasering techniques, no chemical seasoning
  • instead, a longterm, natural and thus complex seasoning
  • hence, ideal usability and processing of the bridges after their natural aging and maturing process
  • best quality of wood for all of our other products
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Josef Teller OHG, Datasheet Stamp


The trunk of the Bosnian maple tree, which we use when making all of our bridges, is in and of itself very diverse. The variation allows for graduating the wood into a number of beauty and quality levels. This also has an effect on how long the wood needs to season.

Our branding stamps correspond to the natural diversity of our material:

  • Student
  • Master
  • Royal de Luxe
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Josef Teller OHG, Information about our stamps

Information about our stamps

  • Here you can print a list of all branding stamps with which we use to classify our bridges.
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Josef Teller OHG - Further Material

Steg-Grafik Further Material

Josef Teller OHG, P.O.Box 27, Frankenstr. 43, D-91088 Bubenreuth
, Phone +49/9131/89560,, Copyright Neman Grafik 2013
Josef Teller OHG, Catalog: Artur Teller - The Last Bridgemaker

The Last Bridgemaker

Artur Teller might really have been the last one to pass a bridgemaker`s apprentices` examination since this handicraft ceased to exist in Germany in the years following WWII.

In 2008 we celebrated his 60th year of active participation in the family business.

For this special occasion, we compiled a memory book which commemorates those eventful and emotional years when Artur lost his home and entire existence and then proceeded to diligently rebuilt his life.

Upon request, we will gladly send you a printed version of this memory book free of charge.

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Display bridges


Isidor Teller, father of Josef Teller, manufactured plenty of bridges that were placed on display in special showcases. This is how he would show his intricate talent on many occasions. His works were awarded in regional and national competitions.

He was known to artistically play around and experiment with new designs with the intention of finding the ideal sound.

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Josef Teller OHG, Crib carved by Isidor and Josef Teller, the main scene

The Holy Family

Isidor was very passionate in his approach to wood; justifiably, he can be called an artist.

In the 1920‘s he carved this incredible nativity scene.
Two meters wide, it contained more than 100 figures including Bethlehem, hunters and deer. Musicians, of course, were not left out. Along with the traditionally used timpani and shawm, he carved a rich number of stringed instruments. It was a theater play in miniature!

When you come for a visit here in Franconia, you definitely need to take time and have a look at this marvel.

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Josef Teller OHG, Crib detail

“Follow the sheep!”

Another excerpt from Isidor`s nativity scene.

Whenever we get close to the nativity, we like to push aside the blinds that conceal it. Again and again we are amazed by the carved city views, the oriental background drawings designed by an Egerländer artist, and particularly by the great number of detailed scenes containing the manifold and lovely relationships the figures have with one another.

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Josef Teller OHG, Intarsia of Josef Teller

Little Red Riding Hood

Josef equipped the whole family with marquetry, his fairytale works.
The whole range of the famous Brothers Grimm tales are presented: “The Valiant Little Tailor”, “Puss in Boots”, “Snow White”, “Hansel and Gretel”...

On the backside of each individual work he wrote the following in German:

“Made in 19... by your grandpa. Born in 1906 in Schönbach-Eger, former Austria-Hungary. Currently in Bubenreuth, Federal Republic of Germany.”

Words that reveal what his heart was beating for all those years.

These inlay works provided the fundamental backdrop for his “Märchenstüberl” (fairy-tale chamber), to which his grandson, the photographer Jürgen Teller, established an artistic monument.

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Josef Teller OHG, Party cellar

Bürgerkeller and Märchenstüberl

Two party cellars, two worlds.

If you walk down the stairs of the grand Teller-House you will arrive at the “Bürgerkeller” (the townspeople`s cellar).
This is where they stored the Franconian wine in Bocksbeuteln (flattened bottles) which were opened for festivals at which Gusti would play Egerlander music on the hammered dulcimer.

On the opposite side; the “Märchenstüberl”(fairy-tale chamber).
This is where Josef celebrated, surrounded by his own complete work of art made of wood and pink fabric.
He created the entire chamber, from the bar, the ceiling design, the lamp shades, to the corner benches and the fairy tale images which gave the chamber its name.

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Josef Teller OHG, Isidor Teller in his studio

Golden Handicraft

The idyllic picture of the workshop in which the Teller’s bridge-making business was again running at full speed after the First World War.

To the far left is Marie Teller; young Josef is the one looking you right in the eye; Isidor is seated; leaning over his piece of work by the window is Willy; and, to the far right is Anna Teller.

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the Tellers in the year 1916

In the Midst of War

Isidor sits together with his wife Margarete surrounded by his sons and daughters.
Even today we find mysterious the peace that they all communicate.

Back row, standing, from the left:
Willy Teller (*1898), Roman Teller (*1901), Tony Teller (*1888), der kleine Artur Teller (*1904), Marie Teller (*1892), Franz Teller (*1896), Liesl Teller (*1987), Oskar Teller (*1902)
Front row, sitting, from the left:
Josef Teller (*1906), Zenzl Teller (*1894), Margarete Teller (*1869), der kleine Lorenz Teller (*1906) with his little weasel, Isidor Teller (b. 1867, always appearing grumpier than he actually was), Anna Teller (*1900), Josephine Teller (*1908).

Lettering: Josef Teller - Manufacturer of bridges since 1891

Printing the stamps

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